There is more to a safe than just a tamper proof and state of the art security feature. Getting the right safe for the right function is one key factor when wanting to safeguard your privacy. Safes come in all sorts of sizes, but not all safes qualify to keep firearms safe. Most safes are impossible to crack, but not all of them can survive fire or outright burglary. The following are the some of the best wall gun safes and in this article we will cover the benefits of wall gun safes for homeowners looking to make their home more secure:

1. Stack-On IWC-55 (Full-Length In-Wall Cabinet)

Best Wall Gun Safe ReviewsThis wall cabinet safe is 15 inches wide, 3 inches thick and 54 inches tall. It comes with a removable steel shelf, and the bottom and the shelf is also steel. Foam padding inside the shelf provides protection for your property. A 52 inches gun sock is included to prevent moisture and hot weather. The CA DOJ also recognizes the safe as a firearm safety device. It is available online for $77 on Amazon.

2. Paragon 7725 (Flat Superior Electronic Hidden Wall Safe .83 CF)

Best Wall Gun Safe ReviewsParagon Lock and Safe developed this flat superior electronic wall safe to maximize security and discretion at the same time. It is 16 inches wide, 4 inches deep and 22 inches tall. The security features include a programmable electronic lock system and a key backup. The keys light up and there is added a buzzing sound when opening and closing. Amazon has listed it for &75.

3. Barska Biometric

Best Wall Gun Safe ReviewsThis wall safe is popular for its intricate security features. To secure your firearms, it comes with the latest biometric fingerprint technology, capable of storing 120 different fingerprints. It also has a 2 point deadbolt system, and an override in case both the AC and battery power sources fail. It is 15 inches wide, 3 inches thick and 20 inches tall. It has been designed to facilitate disguise behind a painting or inside a closet. It is available on Amazon for $182.

4. Stack-On-Wall Safe (with Electronic Lock)

Best Wall Gun Safe ReviewsWith several compartments inside this safe, it is easy to convert any of them into ammo compartments or documents compartments. The stack-in wall safe conforms to the CA DOJ requirements for firearm storage devices. Special features include a three-point locking system with a cylinder lock that is key coded. The barrel rests adjust to accommodate storage items of any size. It is 16 inches wide, 38 inches tall and 13 inches deep. It is available on Amazon for a little over $100.

5. Stack-On IWC-22 (In-Wall Cabinet)

Best Wall Gun Safe ReviewsThis standard stack on wall safe comes with two extra shelves with foam padding for more safety. Special features include a three-point locking system, at the top, bottom and the door. It is 15 inches wide, 8 inches thick and 22 inches deep. It is CA DOJ approved and weighs 15 pounds. You can get it on Amazon for $45.77

6. BTExpert Premium (Wooden Wall Mount Cabinet)

Best Wall Gun Safe ReviewsThis safe from BTExpert uses a locked door safety feature and traces its manufacturing back to Europe. It is 48 inches high, 15 inches wide and 4 inches deep. It weighs 20 pounds, and the interior shelves are made of wood. You can order it from Amazon for $139.


It is important to consult a safes professional before making a wall gun safe purchase. This is because not all safes can store all types of firearms. Look out for the security and rating on the product, and ensure it is CA DOJ compliant. Remember, floor safes offer less protection against fire but are a great security option overall.