What Is The Most Feature Packed Massage ChairEveryone loves a relaxing massage after a strenuous workout or at the end of a tiresome day at work. While some people need it for relaxation and de-stressing, other require it for pain relief. Since their inception into the consumer market in late 1980’s, massage chairs have been greatly modified with innovative features to relieve tension, stress and body pain especially that of lower back.


Most massage chairs currently available in the market are designed to replicate any one the two popular massage techniques – the Shiatsu and the Swedish massage according to recent reports. ┬áThe Shiatsu message focuses on relieving the tension in particular body spots using patting, pressing, rolling, sweeping and rotating movements. On the other hand, the Swedish massage, which improves blood circulation, involves kneading motions and long gliding strokes.


What Is The Most Feature Packed Massage ChairMost massage chairs have three components intended to replicate the above techniques.

1. The MOTORS constitute the mechanical aspect of the massage chairs. They power the rollers and nodes and move them to the required areas, and help to adjust the posture of the seat.

2. The NODES and ROLLERS of a massage chair function just like the fingers of a masseuse. A chair with larger nodes and rollers provides a generalized message whereas a chair with smaller components targets the pain areas much better. They move in a variety of ways targeting the user’s back muscles in a more effective way. Again, these components are adjustable based on the user’s needs. Another way to reduce pain through a massage method is to use one of the top-rated TENS units to relief pain target the muscle where the pain is.

3. The COMPUTER-ASSISTED ADJUSTABILITY is perhaps the most essential feature. Every massage chair is created to automatically adjust itself with respect to the height and weight of the user. The protrusion level of the nodes and rollers is adjusted based on the pressure applied on the seat. Also, by locating particular areas in your back, the chair makes the needed adjustments.


There is a plethora of massage chair options ranging from $800 to $4,000. Here are some guidelines to select the best massage chair that meets your body’s needs for your smart home.

1. Sit in the chair to get a feel for it. Some chairs have a particular contour or shape that better suits a person’s shape.
2. Ensure that the intensity of the massage is just right for you. For a rigorous massage, go for a chair that offers strong movements and has highly protruded components. Those who need a less-intense, point-specific massage can prefer a massage chair with tiny rollers and nodes and smooth movements.
3. Experiment with the preset and adjustable options of the chair. If you are buying a single massage chair for many individuals, a chair with a wide range of adjustable features will be perfect.
4. Some massage chairs arrive with separate accessories such as a leg-rest that extends in and out of the chair. In some cases, the leg-rest has its own vibration capabilities. Such accessories may be needed to treat a particular back condition, For instance, people with spinal stenosis will benefit from sitting in a reclining position with their legs elevated.
5. As massage chairs are expensive items, their price should also be taken into account when buying them.

Before knowing about the most feature packed massage chair, it is important that you know about the massage features you are going to need.